Would it correct to use both mid points and Arabic parts for interpretation if they are both on the same degree for a solar arc event. You do not need them if you have the midpoints.

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I followed those steps and successfully downloaded the pdf file.. I find this post very useful, in the past I often used astro. I also want to ask you about sharing links to some of your posts in FB, do you mind if I do so?

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    I use humanistic astrology to help people in areas that are important for them. Like where their business, career or marriage is going, what their main lessons might be in this life, and what they need in order to be fulfilled.

    Midpoint Question - Lindaland

    You can read what my clients say , schedule a session , or go to the archive to read all past articles. Calculation programs that offer midpoint "trees", showing planets and points that form hard aspects to midpoints, are ideal. It's the planetary geometry. The geometric oriented types of Astrology like Cosmobiology,Uranian Astrology,and Magi Astrology use tighter orb aspects than traditional because they focus on harmonic triangles and corresponding midpoint pictures as well as other midpoint pictures.

    I have studied Uranian Astrology,and they use One degree orb is used. I was originally going to ask you but I thought I would leave it open to anyone.. Do you notice how they effect you or manifest in your life? I already have a list of all my midpoints generated from clairvision. I used conjunction,opposition,square,semisquare,and sesquiquadrate with midpoints.

    Venus enters Scorpio

    When I did the golden section charts and saw golden section triangles, they all had corresponding midpoint pictures Could potentially be either. I've seen transits to midpoints have an effect.

    Not only in my life, but I recently suggested that another person check for a specific transit to a midpoint, and they found the transit was happening and was probably the reason for the intensity in that one area of her life. The two people don't have to be Cancerian on their own. They're only Cancerian as a team. I think it would be in effect. Test it.

    The Astrology Book: The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences

    If it is, then you'll have your answer. I am a believer in astrogenetics. I am noticing shared midpoint configurations in my family, and they apply to all the aforementioned aspects.