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All of these are absolutely necessary in order to calculate the most accurate chart and reading. They often can be found on your birth certificate. If you do not have access to this information, we can still do a reading set to the generic 12pm, but it will not be as accurate and in some cases could make a big difference.

Mel looks forward to working with you soon.

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They are not to replace the advice of a medical, psychological, or law professional. You must be 18 yrs. All readings are kept strictly confidential. Our Astrological Services are provided by Melanie Whitley. Accept who you are and the way you look. You are a born fighter. Fight with whatever you have. Wound: not having enough money. At least, never thinking you have enough. Gautam Buddha had said that all suffering was caused by material attachment. Try to look beyond things you can sense and enrich your soul. That is an asset no one can take away. Wound: thanks to your indecisive nature, you always think you are not smart enough.

You always learn unconventionally and that makes you feel inadequate in comparison to others. Learn to take a step back when evaluating your worth and taking decisions. Sometimes, a little distance is all it takes to make an informed guess. Wound: you have a feeling that you do not belong in the family you are in.

Chiron in Astrology – Turning Wounds into Medicine

You seek solace and bonds elsewhere. Despite being empathetic, you are not even sympathetic towards your own pain and lack of expression of sorrow. Trust your gut and find the peace you deserve. The pastures you seek are beyond the ridge is all. Pride is a fine thing, but only in measured and justified amounts.

Learn to live with what you see in the mirror, sans the embellishments your mind puts on things. Wound: being a perfectionist, someone who is obsessed with details. This takes a mental, physical, and spiritual toll on your person. Friend, there is no such thing called perfection. I'd only trust a Virgo to organize my life.

He lands in your ninth house of travel, education, and spirituality. You're restless, googling every far-flung place to travel to, or class to take or Guru to meet. Whichever you choose, Virgo, let it enhance your life. You love to learn, fix things and people. Your highest aim is always to serve. All noble qualities, be mindful, not everyone wants to be fixed. Chiron deals with our wounds and the power to heal them. It's time to take action, start with baby steps, please. I hope you do develop an app, I need all the help I can get. Lovely Libra, breathe and rejoice! January was one hectic and intense month.

February offers a needed respite, actually, it is a recipe for romance. Get your groove on Libra. The new moon on February 4th lands in your house of romance, creativity, and happiness. Get creative.

The Wounded Healer - Crystalinks

Ignite your spark; sparkle in and out of the bedroom. This month is when your sexuality will match your imagination. Yes, now that's a house that commands one to stay in bed. Libra you are discreet. It's going to be a hot, steamy eight weeks if you want it to be.

Pisces, Venus And Chiron, Healing Your Wounded Healer? Astrology Prediction Thursday April 12th 2018

It always comes back to relationships with you, Libra! Chiron will be there for eight years so you'll have plenty of time to learn how to balance your relationships; the co-dependent vs. Libra, can I have your month? Whether it's one of your parents or grandparents; they are eccentric and weird. Thank goodness for that! If we all came from conventional families it would be so incredibly tragic.

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Go home, Scorpio. You're private, you keep secrets, and you're slow to reveal yourself.


That is part of your mystic. You relish having the home you create filled with a diverse group of individuals who inspire and intrigue you. This month, nest, throw a dinner party; invite your folks along with your varied cast of characters. It will feed your soul. Can I get an invite? Mars will be in your 7th house of committed relationships; business and personal. Tension can arise with Mars here so watch your temper, pick your battles, and remember to breathe. Scorpio, compromise; don't hold a grudge.

Please argue fair.

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Bringing up what your partner did five years ago isn't helpful. Just think of the wonderful make up sex you'll have afterward. February 18, Chiron, an asteroid, moves into Aries. In Aries, it is time to take action and heal ourselves. You've got eight years, take it slow. Cheers to February! Sag, you think differently from the rest, you need your freedom to let your mind roam. You're prone to flashes of brilliance. The New Moon is infusing you with mental inspiration: write, create, teach! Sag, throw yourself into work, exercise, and self-care.

When you're not working, go exercise, train for a marathon. How painful can that be? You'll find out. Have the best of February! Capricorn, winter is your season to thrive. The yearly New Moon in Aquarius on February 4th illuminates your house of money, self-worth, and talents. Add the lucky planet, Jupiter, to the mix and you've got the universe whispering.

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  5. Ask for that raise; increase your fees. You are worth it! Cap, no one works harder or is more responsible than you. With the added cash, give yourself some love and book that flight to Miami Beach to escape the polar vortex. Mars is the ever-ready battery. Coupled with steady Taurus, you've got the making of your ideal dream team. He'll hang out in your fifth house for the next six weeks. Have a hot romance, go dancing, learn to cook, enjoy yourself, please!

    The big celestial happening occurs on February Chiron, representing our wounds, takes its entrance into dynamic Aries.