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Hawking, like many astro-physicists is misinformed about one of the most basic facts of astrology.

Tests of Astrology Do Not Support Its Claims

Geocentric celestial maps are still viable in a heliocentric system. And why not a Galactic Centric System?

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Regardless of the fact that any centre of our universe is not known, a map must be designed to serve its purpose. Sceptical Astrology How and why Astrology became an outcast from the mainstream. Main News Page. Sceptical Research into Astrology. Return to Home Page. In other words, the tropical zodiac is merely divided into 12 regions for "convenience" and "the stars themselves are irrelevant to the zodiac" - in the immortal words of Tarot.

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Never mind the arrangement and star patterns were used to designated the original 12 signs which today are used for "convenience" So the good news for devotees of this bunkum mostly those who never completed one physics or astronomy course, like most fundies is that the "sign" you were born under is still your sign, but the bad news is according to the astrologers it's not really a star sign - more a "planet sign" because the import trades on any given planet's apparition in the sign! To fix ideas I show two graphics from the monograph 'Astrology' by High Arthur.

The table shows each named "aspect" by angle and its name e. The other graphic shows the geometric relations in terms of the planetary aspects. For example, in conjunction two planets, say Venus and Jupiter, essentially "line up" so the planets' principles combine in unity with each other.

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By contrast, any two planets, say Mars and Venus, in a "square" aspect, will emit a discordant influence and result in frustration, imbalance and inner conflict. In other words, the planetary aspects determine the outcome of one's day or life or whatever. The planet principles themselves antedate from ancient conceptions, mostly based on first impressions. For example, astrologers generally attribute a "maleficent influence" or prinicple to Mars.

Its presence is associated with undefined aggression, hostility or some kind of impending confrontation or war. Naturally, as its color is red!

An Encounter With a "Skeptic" | Frank Piechoski, Astrologer

Some astrologers have insisted that those born with Mars in their Sun sign are destined to become warriors, or soldiers. All these associations follow from the color. In truth, the color is not from blood at all but a chemical comprising most of soil of the planet: iron oxide, or rust.

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  8. So in truth, Mars' color is not really "red" like blood, but rusty! According to astrologer Rick Levine, given these planetary associations, " We could call it planetology instead of astrology but that would be stupid! It makes no sense!

    Aspects in Astrology: the Key to Understanding Your Natal Chart

    Worse, it's blatantly dishonest! But of course changing the term might make a dent in their pocket books, because the substitution of a less well known title would mean fewer people recognizing it, spending time on its gibberish or what not. In the end, all this tap dancing around terms, meanings and definitions shows me the astrologers are just as dishonest in their own way as the biblical authority fundies are in theirs. Neither admits that their preferred bag of tricks - bible or astrological charts - is essential humbug and not worth the paper written on.