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My Chinese zodiac is dragon. My English zodiac is Capricorn.

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I'm 18 years old. I was born on 19th Jan Well, the prediction indicates that the result will come out. Don't worry. Generally speaking, there won't have many big problems in your education and health. Hello, can yous say how good will be second half of the ford dragoon born in ?

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Yes, based on the overall zodiac prediction, the situations will change into a better stage in late and whole You should keep the positive attitude towards these difficulties. If you have your own business, it will be profitable. You may travel abroad for business purpose. Rahu in the ninth house will provide you with the opportunity to travel and also is aspecting to your third house. Hence, you may often go for short and long distance travel for business purpose.

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It will bring good results for you. Overall, this year is excellent for you for career perspective. According to Libra Horoscope , students will get good result this year. In the month of January, you may get desired grades owing to the position of your sixth lord. Your sixth lord is being aspected by the benefic Saturn throughout this year. It may provide you with good results in competitive exams. During March-May, students of this sign will get success in competitive exams as there is a strong combination for the same occurring because of the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

This combination is highly influencing your sixth house. Most of the year is favourable for students. There are high chances of your getting the desired result, when the planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will retrograde in the month of September.

You should avoid your careless attitude towards studies. Controlling this only will help you achieve your goals. The year is good for education if you work hard.

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This year, your family life may not go well. You may experience dissatisfaction within your family due to the transit of Saturn in your fourth house. This situation will continue throughout the year except for the initial few days. This transit will be favourable for your career but for family matters it may not go along well.

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  • During March-May, happiness may surround your family because of the transit of Jupiter in your fourth house. You may also buy some property or land during this period. An opportunity to travel abroad is possible, get your passports ready.

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    • Long distance travels are also possible for you this year. While the year begins, you may visit several places with your spouse and family. During mid-year, there seems to be a possibility of Manglik Karya within your family. In the last few months, there could be a celebration in your family.

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      Once Rahu changes its position in the month of September, a hidden relationship with opposite sex may lure you. You may involve yourself in secret activities. However, you need to take care of yourself and your family members as it may also cause sudden accidents. Overall, this year is going to be average for you. According to Libra Horoscope , there will be opportunities for you to romance with your spouse.

      Initial months of this year are favourable for love and romance. You and your spouse will experience intimacy with each other in this period. Newly married couples can expect childbirth or pregnancy. Once Saturn will transit in Capricorn sign, it may lead to some dissatisfaction at your home. However, your love and romance will not much be affected by that.

      There are chances of arguments with your spouse, as per Horoscope , in the middle of the year. You along with your spouse may travel a lot as long distance journeys or foreign trips are predicted to be your means of spending time together. You may make memories of good time spent with your romantic partner during the months of July-November. During the months of June-July and November, the health of your spouse may decline. Libra Weekly Horoscope. Libra Tomorrow Love Horoscope. Horoscope february 13 libra.

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